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Achieve skin rejuvenation and treat complex skin disorders with our oral plant based stem cell therapy.(#STC30)

The key ingredients in our #STC30 stem cells is Phytocelltec Malus Domestica an extract from the stem cells of the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple from northern Switzerland.

Celebrities like Michelle Obama and Jenifer Lopez vouch for the anti-aging properties of this rare Swiss apple and Vogue magazine has dubbed it “the super apple”.


STC 30 Superlife South Africa

STC30 Stem Cell Therapy


Stem cells are the natural renewal system of the body providing an effective means for cell and tissue renewal and repair.

Sadly over time the number of stem cells in our bodies decreases and they are over worked and weakened by many factors like oxidative stress leading to multiple illnesses.

It is now proven that basic Stem Cell  nutritional therapy can enhance our stem cells in a significant way, thereby making the promotion of optimal health and wellness available to all.

To support your stem cell physiology, practice oral Stem Cell therapy to keep your body healthy.

Use the sublingual method of administration  for best results.

Sublingual administration is more effective than oral ingestion.

STC30 is recommended for over 100 illnesses, skin disorders and chronic illnesses e.g





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